PR that PAYS

The PR that PAYS programme is accredited by the PRCA and is a fully-guided online PR strategy programme that will ensure you benefit from a more strategic approach to public relations and communication.

  • Missing out on opportunities

  • Can't prove the impact of your activity

  • Not getting results

  • Lacking a strong PR strategy and plan to tackle your biggest challenges

  • PR that PAYS is for you: increase enquiries, sales and get much-needed recognition.


The PR that PAYS programme follows a four-stage process to upskill you for better and more strategic public relations. Come join us in this small group programme and get the support you need.


  • Metrics

    At the end of the PR that PAYS programme, you’ll have the metrics at your fingertips to prove the value and impact of your PR activity.

  • Strategy

    You’ll be strategic with a transformational PR strategy in place – one that delivers real impact for your own business or the organisation you work for.

  • Support

    You’ll feel supported, encouraged and well-connected giving you the confidence to implement everything you've learned

How Does it Work?

The PR that PAYS PR strategic PR programme is delivered over four PAYS modules over 20 lessons – providing a proven PAYS path for you to follow to identify your Purpose, create your Assets, measure your Yield and then Sustain your success: 


  • Identify your purpose and have a clear understanding of where you are now and where you want to be – what would success look like to you?  


  • Create your PR that PAYS plan and a compelling set of assets to achieve your Purpose.


  • Agree your metrics and measures to record and celebrate the value of your PR – your PR Yield.


  • Keep your success going with a priority checklist of activity and the tools to sustain your PR success for the long term.


The PR that PAYS programme is delivered online and you can access all the lessons, on-demand, at any time. Weekly Q&As will keep you on track and you'll have plenty of opportunities to ask questions and get support with your most pressing PR challenges. You also get lots of free bonuses, including PR strategy templates and measurement toolkits to save you time, money and patience.


  • 1
    Welcome: Pre-course Welcome Pack
    • Welcome to PR that PAYS
    • PR that PAYS Orientation
    • PR that PAYS checklist
  • 2
    PURPOSE: Choose your Purpose
    • Module 1, lesson 1: Choose your Purpose: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkits & worksheets
  • 3
    PURPOSE: Identify your Audience
    • Module 1, lesson 2: Identify your Audience: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkits & worksheets
  • 4
    PURPOSE: Research your Audience & Influencers
    • Module 1, lesson 3: Research your influencers: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkits & worksheets
  • 5
    PURPOSE: Prioritise your Audience & Influencers
    • Module 1, lesson 4: Prioritising your audience & influencers: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheets
  • 6
    PURPOSE: Find Opportunities
    • Module 1, lesson 5: Finding opportunities: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheets
  • 7
    ASSETS: Create your Strategic PR that PAYS Plan
    • Module 2, lesson 1: Create your strategic PR that PAYS plan: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheet
  • 8
    ASSETS: Messages, Points of View & Story Angles
    • Module 2, lesson 2: Messages, points of view & story angles: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheet
  • 9
    ASSETS: Ideas and Best Tactics
    • Module 2, lesson 3: Ideas & best tactics for you: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheets
  • 10
    ASSETS: Create your 12-month Timetable
    • Module 2, lesson 4: 12-month PR timetable: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & checklists
  • 11
    ASSETS: Create your PR Assets
    • Module 2, lesson 5: Asset creation: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkits & worksheets
  • 12
    YIELD: Audit & Benchmark for Success (Measurement)
    • Module 3, lesson 1: Audit & benchmark for success: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkits & worksheets
  • 13
    YIELD: Select your Metrics and Measures
    • Module 3, lesson 2: Selecting your metrics & measures: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkits & worksheet
  • 14
    YIELD: Put your Yield (measurement) Toolkit in Place
    • Module 3, lesson 3: Putting your Yield toolkit in place: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkits & worksheets
  • 15
    YIELD: Do your Measurement
    • Module 3, lesson 4: Doing your measurement: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkits & worksheets
  • 16
    YIELD: Celebrate your Success
    • Module 3, lesson 5: Celebrating your success: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheets
  • 17
    SUSTAIN: Sustain your PR that PAYS Plan
    • Module 4, lesson 1: Sustaining your PR that Pays plan: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkits & worksheets
  • 18
    SUSTAIN: Deliver and Sustain your Owned PR
    • Module 4, lesson 2: Delivering & sustaining your owned PR: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheets
  • 19
    SUSTAIN: Deliver and Sustain your Earned PR
    • Module 4, lesson 3: Delivering & sustaining your earned PR: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheets
  • 20
    SUSTAIN: Deliver and Sustain your Shared PR
    • Module 4, lesson 4: Delivering & sustaining your shared PR: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheets
  • 21
    SUSTAIN: Deliver and Sustain your Paid PR
    • Module 4, lesson 5: Delivering & sustaining your paid PR: webinar & Q&A
    • Toolkit & worksheet


  • Business owners

    Business owners and business leaders who are looking to do their own PR better – be more strategic, planned and focused to generate more profitable business.

  • Marketing Professionals

    With increasing PR and comms responsibility – seeking specialist PR support and guidance, and looking to stop wasting time and money on PR that doesn’t work

  • PR and Comms Professionals

    Who are looking to get off the tactical hamster wheel, with the headspace and support to be more strategic and able to demonstrate their value.


Ellen Carroll

Ellen Carroll is a strategic PR and marketing consultant. Delivering public relations to be proud of, Ellen loves helping people, businesses, and organisations to step out of the shadows to create opportunity, demonstrate value and secure real impact with PR that PAYS. At the PR coalface for more than 22 years, Ellen has worked in-house, agency-side, freelance and as a business owner – running Nellie PR for over 12 years. A PR champion who is both strategic and a doer, Ellen is a PRCA Measurement Champion, member of the CIPR, Women in PR and the PRCA. She is also an Accredited Watertight Marketing Practitioner. She has worked with the likes of Experian, Aviva, David Nieper and Thomson Reuters and will be by your side throughout the PR the PAYS programme.
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The Cost

Online access to the PR that PAYS programme. **SPECIAL OFFER** for September 2022 intake, only £500 plus VAT.

  • £600.00

    Online course with weekly Q&As



For PR that PAYS

Ashfield Meetings & Events

Fiona Geeson, Marketing Communications Manager

Ashfield Meetings & Events

“It has been invaluable to have Ellen as an experienced ‘sounding board’. The PR that PAYS programme has enabled me to follow a more coherent, logical structure – helping me to take a better approach to my PR and marketing strategy. Ellen is extremely knowledgeable, experienced and helpful and the programme has given me the confidence that I’m on the right path.”
Gatwards of Hitchin, the UK’s oldest family jewellers

Charlotte Gatward, Director

Gatwards of Hitchin, the UK’s oldest family jewellers

"Thank you again for all your help. So happy I joined your programme! I always come away from our calls feeling so energised and inspired and the programme has really helped us to get clarity on our purpose. As a result, our messages are now all consistent and our PR is really focused and achieving great results.”
If Everyone Cares &

Jaki Bent, Founder

If Everyone Cares &

“Although we have a lot of passion we were and are really up against it in terms of limited time available to dedicate to our PR and marketing. Thanks to the PR that PAYS programme, we now have more focus, are building our strategy and are well on our way to having a real PR plan in place. Slowly and steadily we are putting into practice much of what we've learned and it is starting to pay off. At the same time, it is helping us to measure what is working – so we know where best to spend our time and energy effectively.”
Fruition Design

Louise Hart, Associate Interior Designer

Fruition Design

"We have been busy since doing PR that PAYS. Lots of enquires since we started working with you and we've upped our strategy game with our marketing! Your sessions with us have been so beneficial."

Member of:

  • PRCA
  • Women IN PR
  • CIPR
  • PRCA


  • When does the programme start?

    The programme starts again on 13 September 2022.

  • How long does the programme take?

    If you are doing it weekly, the programme will take 12 weeks but you are more than welcome to go at your own pace (faster or slower). You have access to all the material for up to two years. There is also the option to access the course via four half-day workshops or one-to-one with Ellen.

  • How much time will it take to complete?

    Ideally, you should set aside a few hours each week to complete the latest lesson and attend the Q&A.

  • Can I do the programme faster?

    Yes, you can access the complete programme on-demand and run through it at a much faster pace.

  • Is the course online?

    Yes, the programme is delivered online via video. If you would prefer to attend the programme in a face-to-face setting or would like to access one-to-one support with Ellen, please still register your interest and we can discuss the best option for you in our follow-up call.

  • Can I get CPD points?

    Yes, the programme is accredited by the PRCA and you are able to collect 40 CPD points for attending. You can also log CIPR points for attending too.

  • What is the cost?

    The cost £500 plus VAT (September 2022 intake only) for online access to the programme. You can pay by credit card or invoice, and there is an option to pay by instalments.

  • How do I book?

    Register your interest and then Ellen will be in touch to arrange a call. There is an application form to fill in and to help ensure the course is right for you.

  • How long is the weekly Q&A?

    The Q&As usually take place every Thursday between 10.30-11.00am. You can access the weekly Q&As for six months and then look to extend after that. As a member of our PR that PAYS community, you also have access to the Facebook group where you can ask for support at any time

What's Included?

Full access to the programme, one-to-one kick-off call, PR that PAYS toolkits for each stage of the PAYS process, and lots of resources and bonus material, including worksheets, templates and the option of extra one-to-one calls or support.

  • Over 10 hours of video lessons

  • Weekly Q&A sessions

  • Templates, toolkits and worksheets

  • Private Facebook community group for ongoing support

  • Added bonus sessions and access to live training

  • Two year's access to your course

  • Exclusive discounts on future services and training.


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